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Nadal: Grunting His Way to Greatness


I’m really into Nadal’s grey and pink outfit this year.

The talk at the start of the U.S. Open was all about the possible Rafa and Roger showdown in the quarter finals. Sadly this never came to pass as Fed’s disappointing year ended by him being thrown to the curb by some guy named Tommy Robredo.

It’s probably for the best though, as it would have been too painful to watch Federer endure another Rafa beat-down. I am starting to believe that by 2017, many will acknowledge Rafa, and not Roger, as tennis’s G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time).

Tonight, Rafa squares off against Djokovic once again, continuing the biggest and longest head-to-head rivalry in the modern age of tennis. Rafa is arguably the hottest player in tennis and holds a 21-15 lead in match-ups with Djoko. It’s not a huge advantage, but Rafa still has the upper hand.

With Rafa being healthy and in his full-on beast mode, I like his chances of lifting his second U.S. trophy tonight. Now, let’s look at the tennis landscape as the dust settles after the year’s final major: Rafa is your player of the year with two majors, the No. 1 ranking and his health.


Rafa celebrates his U.S. Open win in 2010.

But more importantly he now has 13 MAJORS! (13!) Why is no one talking about this? If he can pull this last major out, the great Fed and his 17 majors will finally be in Rafa’s reach. Four majors is a lot (just ask that whiny bitch Eldrick Woods) but I think we can bank on Rafa winning two more French Opens in the next few years. This puts his total to 15 majors and counting, and still leaves him 3 to 4 more years of playing majors at a high level.

By the way, I believe this fear is what keeps Roger going. Everyone talks about him walking away, but I think he feels that one more, just one more major, could put things a little more out of reach. But if Rafa wins tonight and with his dominance on clay, his march towards Federer (and all-time greatness) should become the game’s biggest plotline.

Be afraid Roger, be very afraid.


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Blackhawk Down!

GoS wants to congratulate the Chicago Blackhawks on their big win,their second Stanley in four years . The best regular season team proved to be too much for the big, bad Boston Bruins.

And just as we are about to start missing hockey, we’ve come across the British father-son fashion label Casely-Hayford .

Casely-Hayford.Rory van Millingen

The line is inspired by 1990’s Hip Hop artists who loved wearing oversized hockey jerseys. The looks are stellar and there is some fantastic old hockey footage in this cool video they shot to promote the collection. Summer is about to hit, but we recommend you get ahead of the game (!) and check out these sweaters for winter. We can call it “preventative shopping.

Casely-Hayford.Rory van Millegen

And as a side note, true story: I was at a Snoop Dogg concert in the 90’s in Calgary and he came out wearing a long black fur jacket in the middle of the summer. As he whipped the crowd into a frenzy he pulled off the jacket and underneath was a Calgary Flames Jarome Iginla jersey. The place went berserk. He’s been pulling this trick for 20 years in every city. Well played as always, Snoop.


Wimbledon Update: I have been lucky enough to get Wimbledon tickets and will be making my way to the Championships this week. Sadly, no Rafa but with Roger, Andy and the potential of a Maria Sharapova vs. Serena Williams showdown, it should be exciting.


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Wimbledon Wears

Via Vanity FairNike just released images of what Federer, Rafa, Serena and Maria will be wearing at Wimbledon later this month. Nothing shocking although, they did forget to add a pair of long, dangling earrings to Sharapova’s outfit and serious bling to Serena’s. And if you go to the VF link , read the paragraph below the images. Pippa Middleton is now a contributing editor to Vanity Fair? I sigh.


Roger Federer

Roger Federer


Serena Williams

Serena Williams


Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal


Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova






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Federer Forever


In honour of CH’s birthday today (tweet him @chadhanas), we made a little stop at the Barclays ATP World Tour last night where CH’s beloved Roger Federer took on Andy Murray in the semi-finals. I wasn’t sure when I bought the tickets if R-Fed would be playing in the day or at night since the organizers only release the schedule the night before, but the birthday and tennis stars aligned and there he was. (We are not Djoko fans over here.)

The first set went to a tiebreaker (exciting stuff) but Federer crushed Murray in the second set and just like that, the match was over. Too fast boys, too fast. We wanted more tennis!

As for style, I wish Rog still rocked his ponytail and Andy needs to embrace those great curls and let the hair grow (see below) but otherwise, the boys looked sharp although, CH prefers his tennis shirts with collars, he says.

The best-dressed of the night however, goes to the bright blue court. The colour, an ode to the sponsor’s hue, doesn’t come across this pretty on TV but in person, it’s incredibly calming and lovely—for a tennis court, that is.

Back in the day: free and flowing locks.



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Colour Me Wimbledon

Goodbye Wimbledon white, hello colour. It’s been a little strange to see the multi-national colours taking over the grass courts of Wimbledon for Olympic tennis this week. Polite hand-clapping has also been replaced by the wave.

The World No. 1 hit the grass looking for one thing: gold. R-Fed’s Swiss Olympic outfit is courtesy of Nike (of course) and he kept it simple with the red and white national colours.

Jo-Wilfred Tsonga is a personal fave here at GoS. Coming off his epic 6-3, 3-6, 25-23 victory over Canada’s Milos Raonic, the exuberant Frenchman will be looking to make some noise in the men’s draw. I love the red shoes, but we prefer the all-blue shirt and short combination.

Serena Williams sports the familiar red, white and blue from Nike.

And finally Caroline Wozniacki goes with Danish colours of red and white from Adidas (also Polish colours, MG wants to note). While she’s still looking for that elusive first major, a gold in London would go a long way in quieting her critics. Most likely, she’ll have to get by Serena in the quarters meaning a potential Nike versus Adidas showdown.

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Elements of Style at Wimbledon 2012

Did you watch the men’s singles Wimbledon final on Sunday? We were cheering for R-Fed to get one more over here but we still felt bad for poor Andy Murray, especially at the end when he was trying to give a speech but kept choking up. It must really suck to come so close and to lose to someone who already has so many titles.

The game was riveting but equally fascinating was what was happening off-court. Specifically, it’s the crowd shots I love during a tennis final. And ESPN did not disappoint. Andy Murray’s pretty gf got a lot of airtime (is it me or are they one of those look-alike couples?), as did Roger’s Mirka, and the Federer twins (a.k.a. Roger’s mini-me x 2) even made an appearance!

Kate and Pippa were also in the crowd. Luckily Pips didn’t have the gun with her this time.

And in the style department, the best dressed award is a tie. First up, R-Fed post-game when he donned the Nike sweater over his sweaty shirt. I can’t imagine it was fun to put that thing on after playing for so many hours but I’m sure it’s all part of the deal, and it did look good.

And Kim Sears, Andy Murray’s girlfriend also gets a style nod for her Roland Mouret dress and Mulberrry bag. Come to think of it, Sears wins this one. I wouldn’t want to be around Andy for at least a few days.

Photos: Getty Images.

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Wintour’s Wimbledon

Roger Federer’s No. 1 fan (sorry Mirka) and her trademark bob made her expected Wimbledon appearance last week. Anna Wintour took in the tennis action wearing black-and-white Prada (bottom photo) as Federer beat Xavier Malisse. We would love to sit-in on one of Wintour and Federer’s conversations.

RF: Anna, daaaarrrrling, so glad you could make it out.

AW: R-Fed, you know I wouldn’t miss it for any Paris couture show in the world.

RF: How do I look out there?

AW: A little fur would surely take your game to the next level.

We spy Greg Norman sitting behind Anna at last year’s Wimbledon.

Shelby Bryan (Anna’s bf) and Ms. Wintour pondering about what to say to the mullet man sitting in front of them.

Wintour at last week’s match and Roger pre-Wimbledon in London wearing an Alexander McQueen cardigan and Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Solar Red” sneakers (via A Glam Slam).

Wintour photos by Getty Images.

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