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Game of Style, 2014 Edition

It’s been so long… but we won’t start making excuses. Instead, let’s get right back into it with two big announcements this week.

First up, the Riccardo Tisci and Nike collaboration.

Look04-099rRVBNeither party has released details about the products but we do know that the pieces will have the NIKE RT logo and will launch this spring. Read more about the partnership and watch the video at Style.com. We can’t wait to see what the creative director of Givenchy has up his sports sleeve.

The other big news from the sports and fashion world is that Adidas relaunched the Stan Smith today.  The 1973 Adidas original, popular among the fashion crowd including one of our style icons Céline’s Phoebe Philo (below), was named for the tennis pro, Stanley Roger “Stan” Smith. I remember boys wearing them when I was in university and I’ve never been a fan – something about the really round toe always  bothered me – but since Philo can do no wrong…



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Sneaker Pimp


Vogue calls the Nike Free “the gold standard for hipsters who run.” I suppose the magazine is right; the style is everywhere on street-style blogs and those crazy fashion kids have embraced running shoes (a.k.a. trainers in the U.K.) even if technically, it’s still about fashion and not function. Oh the irony.

Although I don’t own a pair, I would happily jump on the Nike Free bandwagon but every time I see one, the colour combo isn’t quite right for me.

But of course Nike thinks of everything. Now, with a few clicks, from the sole to the swoosh, you, me and everyone can customize our very own pair. Although I probably won’t order my pick (see above), designing a pair of sneakers is a heck of a way to procrastinate when you’re on deadline.

And if you’re stuck for ideas, Vogue comes to the rescue with a few spring runway-inspired combinations. My favourite is the Proenza Schouler below.

(On a side note: I wish I was the editor, or more likely intern, who had to put this slideshow together. So fun.)



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It’s Not Easy Being Green…

Unless you’re Nike, of course.

CH and I were discussing the bright green shoes most of the track and field athletes are wearing at the Olympics the other day when I came across this article about Nike’s plan to go uniform green with its Volt collection.

“The shoes are there to be bright and bold so you look at them… and want to buy them. Basically, brighter yellow green shoes are better at attracting attention, even if everyone else is wearing the same bright yellow green shoes,” writes Casey Chan, the article’s author.

I would say you’d naturally notice the neon shoes more if five athletes are wearing them as opposed to one and three does make a trend, after all. Plus, it’s neon for crying out loud! More neon means more notice. (I can attest to this after a recent trip to Sicamous, B.C. where neon and short shorts were all the rage.) I’m surprised Nike wasn’t all over this years ago.

But the question I have for you is after seeing so many athletes on the track wearing the Volt collection, does it make you want to buy a pair? This is the marketing kicker. The Nike Flyknit Racers (below, far left) are growing on me but I’m not sold yet.




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Colour Me Wimbledon

Goodbye Wimbledon white, hello colour. It’s been a little strange to see the multi-national colours taking over the grass courts of Wimbledon for Olympic tennis this week. Polite hand-clapping has also been replaced by the wave.

The World No. 1 hit the grass looking for one thing: gold. R-Fed’s Swiss Olympic outfit is courtesy of Nike (of course) and he kept it simple with the red and white national colours.

Jo-Wilfred Tsonga is a personal fave here at GoS. Coming off his epic 6-3, 3-6, 25-23 victory over Canada’s Milos Raonic, the exuberant Frenchman will be looking to make some noise in the men’s draw. I love the red shoes, but we prefer the all-blue shirt and short combination.

Serena Williams sports the familiar red, white and blue from Nike.

And finally Caroline Wozniacki goes with Danish colours of red and white from Adidas (also Polish colours, MG wants to note). While she’s still looking for that elusive first major, a gold in London would go a long way in quieting her critics. Most likely, she’ll have to get by Serena in the quarters meaning a potential Nike versus Adidas showdown.

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Elements of Style at Wimbledon 2012

Did you watch the men’s singles Wimbledon final on Sunday? We were cheering for R-Fed to get one more over here but we still felt bad for poor Andy Murray, especially at the end when he was trying to give a speech but kept choking up. It must really suck to come so close and to lose to someone who already has so many titles.

The game was riveting but equally fascinating was what was happening off-court. Specifically, it’s the crowd shots I love during a tennis final. And ESPN did not disappoint. Andy Murray’s pretty gf got a lot of airtime (is it me or are they one of those look-alike couples?), as did Roger’s Mirka, and the Federer twins (a.k.a. Roger’s mini-me x 2) even made an appearance!

Kate and Pippa were also in the crowd. Luckily Pips didn’t have the gun with her this time.

And in the style department, the best dressed award is a tie. First up, R-Fed post-game when he donned the Nike sweater over his sweaty shirt. I can’t imagine it was fun to put that thing on after playing for so many hours but I’m sure it’s all part of the deal, and it did look good.

And Kim Sears, Andy Murray’s girlfriend also gets a style nod for her Roland Mouret dress and Mulberrry bag. Come to think of it, Sears wins this one. I wouldn’t want to be around Andy for at least a few days.

Photos: Getty Images.

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U.S. Open Primer: The English Are Coming

Luke Donald: pretty in pink.

Golf’s toughest test kicks off today as the U.S. Open begins at The Olympic Club and we think the time is right for one of the game’s great Englishmen to claim his first major. Our picks are the world’s top two ranked players, Luke Donald or Lee Westwood. I know, really going out on a limb here, but hear me out. With most of the talk centering around Tiger, Phil, Rory and Bubba, this could be an ideal opportunity for both to sneak under the radar with a big win for one of them.

And what are the world’s best wearing this week? After Eldrick’s big win at the Memorial, he is a favourite heading in, as well as a lock to bore us with his NIKE outfits. With Tiger starting to peak, we’ve also noticed NIKE has been pushing the new TW shoes which we covered a few weeks back. Rickie Fowler will be looking for his first major and PUMA has him covered. Ian Poulter also impressed us with some of his best at IJP Design.

I see the smooth world No. 1 Luke Donald leaving The Olympic Club with the U.S. Open trophy in tow. Let this be a lesson to all: look good and you will play better.

NBA side note: Oklahoma City looked the part of future NBA Champs last night. Outside of LeBron, OKC is younger, faster and deeper. Russell Westbrook raised the bar again in his Game 1 presser with this tremendous shirt. (His shirts are starting to remind me of many of my vintage looks in high school.)

If you’ve missed Russell’s recent looks, Bleacher Report did a nice slideshow of his best shirts. A very sombre LeBron James and Dwyane Wade looked razor sharp as well, and you can check out their attire here.

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If This Shoe Fits, Don’t Wear It

Eldrick’s shocking Sunday outfit: a red shirt and MC Hammer pants.

MG and I are the founding members of the A.T.C. (Anti-Tiger Club) but we’re also man (and woman) enough to give credit where credit is due. The Eldrick Woods we knew pre-scandal made a comeback to take his fifth Memorial Tournament in stunning fashion on Sunday. Nike executives must have been thrilled with their biggest star’s victory, as it times out nicely with the June 8th public release of the TW ’13 Golf Shoe.

On top of that, Eldrick’s game looks to be in good form as the U.S. Open approaches at the historic Olympic Club in San Francisco. Woods has been wearing this shoe for over a year now and while we don’t doubt it’s comfortable, it’s also just ugly.

Designed by Nike’s Tobie Hatfield, the shoe was “inspired” by the Nike Free shoe meaning he basically took a running shoe and added spikes. Functional? Sure. Stylish? Not so much. Obviously style would be asking too much from something associated with Tiger. I wouldn’t wear these shoes jogging let alone bring them out on the course.


FYI from MG: The course is CH’s runway.

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