How To (Not) Wear a Baseball Cap


I saw a woman wearing a leopard-print jumpsuit, heels and a cobalt blue baseball cap in the bathroom at work last week. It wasn’t a good look. Then I saw the Max Mara Resort 2014 collection where every look included a colourful cap. I got annoyed.

I used to like caps on women. Or, maybe I just thought I did because they were meant to be ironic in that, here I am in my lace dress and stilettos completing my look with a baseball cap because I don’t really care even though I spent five hours getting ready way.

Now, I think unless you’re wearing a cap solely to protect your head and face from the sun and are looping your ponytail through the back old-school style, you just look obnoxious. Yes, I’m even looking at you, Dree Hemingway in your gorgeous white lace dress, sandals and your New York Yankees cap. And usually, you can do no wrong.

What did you do to me, leopard-print girl?

Oh and Nadal (a.k.a. Ocho) obviously gets a free cap pass today even though he looks so much better in the headband. Congratulations on your eighth French Open title, Rafa!


Max Mara Resort 2014


Max Mara Resort 2014


Max Mara Resort 2014


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