Best in Beards: From Cannes to the NHL


MG and I have been following the Festival de Cannes for the past week and it looks like The Great Gatsby and Inside Llewyn Davis are our top picks so far. We’re both excited to see Gatsby and even with the over-the-top, trying to be everything including an actor Justin Timberlake as part of the cast, I personally can’t wait to see the new Coen brothers movie in December.

There is one under-appreciated actor in each movie: Joel Edgerton in Gatsby, top photo, and Oscar Isaac in Inside Llewyn Davis, below. You may remember Edgerton from Zero Dark Thirty and Isaac from Drive. They are both so good and should be household names very soon.


Lately, something about both of these guys looked so familiar… And then, after watching the trailers a few times and seeing photos from the Cannes photo calls, it finally came to me! Both have perfect NHL playoff beards and look like they could be starring in this year’s edition of the Stanley Cup playoffs! Check out some of the other beards in the line-up if you don’t believe me.


First up, Joe Thornton, who only takes a few days to start looking like Zach Galifianakis. Anyone who plays a big part in ridding the world of the Vancouver Canucks always has a place close to my heart.


Rick Nash will need his game to catch up to his beard if the team is going to get by the Boston Bruins in round two.


Stealing the spotlight from Sid the Kid and Evgeni Malkin is not easy to do, but with 6 goals in 7 games, Pascal Dupuis is leading the charge for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Henrik.Lundqvist.Alex.Ovechkin.Greg.Flume.APAnd finally, Henrik Lundqvist led the New York Rangers into the second round with back-to-back shutouts in Games 6 and 7. After one of the games, he was overheard asking Alex Ovechkin what the deal was with his Justin Timberlake, “Dick in a Box” beard?

And of course it comes full circle back to JT. How does the guy do that?


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