Blue Steel Messi


Be still our GoS hearts, British Esquire’s March issue is a special style + sport edition. And we couldn’t agree more with the magazine’s choice to put the great Messi on the cover. We’ve talked about his style before here and the man (or his stylist because often, that’s the case) has great taste in clothes.

As usual, Messi doesn’t reveal much in the interview but it was still a fascinating read considering the writer and Esquire’s features editor, Miranda Collinge interviewed him through a translator.


The photos were taken by Domenico Dolce—yes, as in half of Dolce & Gabbana, so that’s why we’re wondering what happened to the clothes? I couldn’t find a stylist’s credit on the pages so perhaps it was Dolce himself who picked Messi’s attire and if so, was he focused too much on the photography to remember the wardrobe? (On a side note: Dolce is a big-time football fan and released a book of photographs of young footballers in 2012 titled, “Campioni”.)

Messi has a history of awkward poses (see below) so I’m not blaming Dolce for that, but the pants don’t fit and look sloppy, the jacket is too tight and what’s with the rolled-up look? The open Henley/cardigan look and shorts doesn’t do it for me either. As with most photo shoots, there are many factors at play so who knows what happened but I still think Messi could have looked so much better as he has in the past.

Messi_Web4Since he is the greatest football player, we can forgive him for not making love to the camera but someone should help him at least a little bit with his posing.




On the other hand, and because we’re all about telling both sides of every story, in addition to this one, here are a couple of Messi’s great looks including the cover of Dutch Esquire.

Lionel Messi, FIFA Ballon d'Or award




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