Sneaker Pimp


Vogue calls the Nike Free “the gold standard for hipsters who run.” I suppose the magazine is right; the style is everywhere on street-style blogs and those crazy fashion kids have embraced running shoes (a.k.a. trainers in the U.K.) even if technically, it’s still about fashion and not function. Oh the irony.

Although I don’t own a pair, I would happily jump on the Nike Free bandwagon but every time I see one, the colour combo isn’t quite right for me.

But of course Nike thinks of everything. Now, with a few clicks, from the sole to the swoosh, you, me and everyone can customize our very own pair. Although I probably won’t order my pick (see above), designing a pair of sneakers is a heck of a way to procrastinate when you’re on deadline.

And if you’re stuck for ideas, Vogue comes to the rescue with a few spring runway-inspired combinations. My favourite is the Proenza Schouler below.

(On a side note: I wish I was the editor, or more likely intern, who had to put this slideshow together. So fun.)




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