Katie Grand for Hogan & The Wishful Death of the Wedge Sneaker


I’ve said it before but there are few trends that make me cringe as much as wedge sneakers/trainers. Yes, even the “original” Isabel Marant ones. And much to my disappointment, they are everywhere in London.

Please. Go. Away. Already.

But I should be so lucky. In her new capsule collection for Hogan on sale now, beloved LOVE editor and stylist, Katie Grand has even reworked a wedge trainer from the Hogan archive. What? And here I thought (hoped) they were one-hit wonders of 2012.


Grand whose work I generally love…LOVE (get it?) designed purses, bags, flats and sunglasses and reworked trainers for the capsule collection called Gang. In its entirety, it’s a little too girly-girl/pop-goes-the-world-in-pink for me but I adore the FLAT green high-tops in the top photo and the black patent version below.



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