Federer Forever


In honour of CH’s birthday today (tweet him @chadhanas), we made a little stop at the Barclays ATP World Tour last night where CH’s beloved Roger Federer took on Andy Murray in the semi-finals. I wasn’t sure when I bought the tickets if R-Fed would be playing in the day or at night since the organizers only release the schedule the night before, but the birthday and tennis stars aligned and there he was. (We are not Djoko fans over here.)

The first set went to a tiebreaker (exciting stuff) but Federer crushed Murray in the second set and just like that, the match was over. Too fast boys, too fast. We wanted more tennis!

As for style, I wish Rog still rocked his ponytail and Andy needs to embrace those great curls and let the hair grow (see below) but otherwise, the boys looked sharp although, CH prefers his tennis shirts with collars, he says.

The best-dressed of the night however, goes to the bright blue court. The colour, an ode to the sponsor’s hue, doesn’t come across this pretty on TV but in person, it’s incredibly calming and lovely—for a tennis court, that is.

Back in the day: free and flowing locks.




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2 responses to “Federer Forever

  1. Happy birthday, Chad! Sounds like it was a good one!

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