He Doesn’t Look Good in Red

Seeing James Harden in a Houston Rockets uniform tonight will be one of the low points of the sporting year for me. The earthquake trade by the Oklahoma City Thunder that shook the NBA’s power balance has finally subdued. The smoke and rubble have cleared, and it looks like we will be left with a Los Angeles Lakers-Miami Heat final. What’s the opposite of parity?

Like me, many fans have embraced this young OKC team over the last three years, and for good reason. But the sports romance came to a crashing halt when OKC decided to make a business decision over a basketball one. The Thunder big three of Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and Harden is suddenly two.

To make it even worse, “The Beard” just doesn’t look good in red. If we can make one suggestion to the Houston Rockets to help us with our heartbreak, at least go back to the old Rockets jersey from the days of Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon.



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One response to “He Doesn’t Look Good in Red

  1. Rodney John

    I feel the same way!!!!!!! Sadness in Calgary to hear Harden left the Thunder!!!!!!!!

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