Balenciaga and the $3,150 Sweatshirt

Nicolas Ghesquière showed his spring 2013 collection for Balenciaga yesterday in Paris and it was one of my favourite collections of his to date. As opposed to the fall collection where he showed exaggerated silhouettes, unflattering shapes, strange colour combinations and those weird slogan sweatshirts, spring 2013 is a dream.

Here, the silhouette is streamlined and sexy with just the right amount of skin showing. There are still plenty of trademark sharp lines Balenciaga is known for, but done in a much more flattering way. Plus, I am a sucker for ruffles so he got me there with the first few looks. The only thing I could have done without were the Chanel-esque jackets.

Now, let’s return to fall 2012. Of course that collection, with its heavy athletic influence, gave us a lot to talk about on this blog but in terms of actually loving it, it wasn’t meant to be. As for those aforementioned sweatshirts that still remind me of the Michelin Man, they’ve been popping up everywhere this month and are the clear winners in the “What to Wear to Get Street Style Snapped During Fashion Month” series. But at a whopping $3,150 (Balenciaga is not cheap, kids) I wouldn’t want to be doing any sweating wearing one of these babies.

By Tommy Ton for

By Tommy Ton for

I saw this girl a few days after London Fashion Week on the tube wearing the same boots and sweatshirt. For $3,150, I would be sleeping in the shirt. Every night.


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