Orange vs. Blue: What to Do?

Our move from Canada to the UK had a few surprises along the way, but we have finally come out the darkness here at Game of Style. No more slacking for yours truly.

So, I now find myself at a sports crossroads. It’s apparent to me after a few weeks in London, I need to adopt a “football” team. I have an NFL team, but as any Londoner would say, the real football. North American sports coverage here, yeah not so much. NFL? Um, no. NHL? Come again?

I need a football team and fast. As fate would have it, our new flat is where Chelsea and Fulham converge. To make it even more complex, we technically reside in Fulham, but our flat is right across the street from Stamford Bridge where Chelsea FC plays and during a game, our walls vibrate in sync with the roars of the crowd .

At first, I felt a bit cheap at the thought of adopting the reigning European champs as my team, but I did follow them a bit when they made their unlikely run to Euro champs last year and Didier Drogba seemed like one badass footballer. Well, I quickly discovered he’s gone, but marquee names remain such as John Terry, Frank Lampard and new wunderkind Oscar. (Is there anything cooler in sports than when a Brazilian can go by one name?)

But…it seems like taking the Blues as my own is equivalent to never watching baseball and then saying you’re a Yankees fan. I’ve always loathed these types of fans.

Here is Fulham FC captain Brede Hangeland sporting the team’s new away jersey. I had never heard of him until we moved here, but you’re obviously a big deal if you’re the captain of a Premiere League team.

The orange-black combo paired with the orange socks: now this is a jersey I can root for.  The team may have taken a a page out of young Rickie Fowler’s playbook, but I still approve of the new look. Plus, the Fulham FC stadium is called Craven Cottage so the team goes by the nickname, “the Cottagers” and you just don’t get great names like that anymore. They’ve never actually won anything, but they do go back as far as professional football can go in London.

So this is my difficult decision: am I a Blue, or am I a Cottager? As my Polish uncle would say in his thick accent, “What to do?”



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