Sir Paul Smith: Golf Pro at London Fashion Week

I’ve already discussed CH’s fairway-is-my-runway mentality when it comes to dressing for golf (the sport is a sensitive subject these days as there hasn’t been much, or any of it for that matter, since we moved to London). But what I haven’t told you is that for a long time, CH tried to buy my love of the sport through fashion. He’d tell me if I went golfing with him, first, we could go shopping for the perfect outfit. I almost fell for it but then I remembered that in return, I’d have to spend hours trying to hit a tiny ball into a tiny hole.

But even if golf isn’t my thing, I love golf-inspired fashion. I have five pairs of brogues or as CH calls them, “golf shoes” so the first thing I thought when the models at the Paul Smith show here in London walked out was I would take up golf tomorrow if only I could wear everything from this collection. (I’m fickle that way.)

Sir Paul’s silhouette was all about the high-waisted pant in a variety of incarnations but the wide-leg mustard and deep red versions were my favourite. There was a bold return to colour blocking and in addition to the pants, he also showed loose patterned dresses and pleated skirts. The collection reminded me of a vintage photograph of Katharine Hepburn golfing.

The only thing I wasn’t keen on were the stirrup pants but, I will take a pair of these camel brogues please.

Paul Smith runway photos from

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