Rag & Bone and the NBA: Coincidence or Conspiracy?

A new collection from Rag & Bone is always reason to celebrate in the House of GoS snd the spring 2013 menswear line did not disappoint. As per usual, we noticed a serious sport influence, specifically from the NBA.

And here’s the spooky part: maybe designers Marcus Wainwright and David Neville knew something before anyone else when they designed this shirt in Los Angeles Laker-yellow. (Those pants have a little NBA warm-up touch to them as well.)

A few short weeks later, and…Dwight Howard is now a Los Angeles Laker! His number? 12, of course. Something is up here people, this is just too much of a coincidence. A sport-fashion conspiracy theory if we ever saw one.

And if that wasn’t enough NBA inspiration for you, we give you a little more from Rag & Bone with a little Kevin Durant influence.

Every sports fan out there knows KD has been rocking the backpack for years. We give you Exhibit A, B, C and D:

The defense rests.



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