It’s Not Easy Being Green…

Unless you’re Nike, of course.

CH and I were discussing the bright green shoes most of the track and field athletes are wearing at the Olympics the other day when I came across this article about Nike’s plan to go uniform green with its Volt collection.

“The shoes are there to be bright and bold so you look at them… and want to buy them. Basically, brighter yellow green shoes are better at attracting attention, even if everyone else is wearing the same bright yellow green shoes,” writes Casey Chan, the article’s author.

I would say you’d naturally notice the neon shoes more if five athletes are wearing them as opposed to one and three does make a trend, after all. Plus, it’s neon for crying out loud! More neon means more notice. (I can attest to this after a recent trip to Sicamous, B.C. where neon and short shorts were all the rage.) I’m surprised Nike wasn’t all over this years ago.

But the question I have for you is after seeing so many athletes on the track wearing the Volt collection, does it make you want to buy a pair? This is the marketing kicker. The Nike Flyknit Racers (below, far left) are growing on me but I’m not sold yet.





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