Time to Bring it Home

This post is entirely in the name of good karma. Canadian star kayaker Adam van Koeverden will be going for gold today in the K1 1,000m, and let’s just say Canada could use another gold. With the Olympics wrapping up in a few days, as a Canadian I’d have to classify our performance as……decent? Ok? Canada sits in 12th place with one paltry gold, three silver and seven bronze.

This is Van Koeverden’s third Olympics and he’s the reigning K-1 1,000m world champion. He may be a kayaker, but he is one of Canada’s rock-star athletes in London. With Olympic gold, silver and bronze,  he’s been there, done that. One of my favourite parts of the Olympics is how these utterly random, crazy sports can draw you in. What’s that you say? Canada’s playing handball? I’m in. If we can medal in trampoline, I want to know when it’s on.

Here’s hoping a little Game of Style karma will help him bring home Canada’s second gold medal in London. Godspeed Adam, we will be watching and cheering.


Photos from Olympics.ca


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