Olympic Diving: Back to Back

I’m trying to get into Pinterest but it’s not going so well. I edit myself to the point where I feel like I have to like something more than anything else at that moment in order to justify pinning it. And I don’t think that’s the point. But, the other day, I did love something enough to include it on my sparse style board. The image is of a woman from behind, wearing a black-and-white backless dress.

The next day, I was watching women’s Olympic three-metre springboard final and both Jennifer Abel’s and Laura Sanchez Soto’s swimsuits reminded me of the image. I love the black-and-white one-piece numbers both women wore. Sanchez Soto’s suit also had some red (pink?) in it and the subtle white maple leaf on Abel’s suit was so much better than a red one in this case. I couldn’t find an image of Abel’s back from London but here she is below, competing in the same event at the FINA World Championships in Shanghai last year.


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