To Bare or Not to Bare

We’ve been hanging out with the family in B.C. this week and yesterday, over coffee and Olympic TV action, my sister-in-law pointed out how the male beach volleyball players wear loose tanks and shorts while the women’s team wears bikinis.

The issue has been in the news a lot lately because players have the option to wear more than just bikinis when the temperature drops, like it has in London. But critics argue when there is no skin, it affects viewership.  The Globe and Mail’s Elizabeth Renzetti wrote a fantastic piece on the topic here.

The Australian team was apparently criticized for wearing long-sleeved attire and only a few other countries opted for more coverage (Brazil looked fantastic in black and yellow) while most of the teams stayed with teeny bikinis.

These athletes have amazing bodies and if they want to wear bikinis, great, and if they want to cover up because it’s 12C, they should be able to cover up without worrying about what some perverted journalist will write, or the criticism they might face. And as Renzetti put it, what the women’s team wears shouldn’t be top news. But seriously, it can’t be comfortable to jump around and dive in bikini bottoms like the ones below belonging to the Russian team.

And just so we have sex-symbol equality here, I want to tell you about my fashion stylist friend Leah. She hates anything and everything to do with sport. Except, men’s synchronized diving. I got a Facebook message from Leah the other day notifying me it was on. I texted her to see who was her favourite and she replied: “The Mexicans or the Americans.” So in honour of Leah, check out these incredible photos of men’s synchronized diving from London.




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