Nuthin’ But a Rider Thang




Yes, that’s Snoop Dogg above and below rocking a Saskatchewan Roughriders jersey. The rapper sported the crowd-pleasing green at a concert in Saskatoon last week. For our international readers, the Saskatchewan Roughriders (a.k.a. just Riders) are part of the Canadian Football League (a.k.a. where NFL dreams come to die).

There is a high percentage of American football players who don’t make the NFL cut who come to Canada to play in the CFL. This means the games are sometimes ridiculously bad and for this reason, CH hates the CFL.

But last week, he was a sport (ha) and joined me at the Riders game in Calgary and even agreed to wear a green T-shirt (you have to wear green). In the end, the game was indeed ridiculously bad which is to say that the Riders lost a 17-point lead to lose in overtime.

Speaking of wearing green, last winter, while searching for something to wear over my parka to a winter game, I came across a vintage Roughriders zip-up at a local vintage store for $15. In honour of one of my favourite streetstyle photos by Tommy Ton recently, CH and I decided to do our fashion shoot yesterday. What do you think?


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One response to “Nuthin’ But a Rider Thang

  1. Yes, love your fashion shoot! Keep them coming!

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