ESPY Awards: Style Showdown

Watching the ESPYs is like watching a car wreck, you really can’t take your eyes off of it. For the most part, the entire show is another chance for the biggest names in sports to pat themselves on the back. (ESPN is king in North American sports coverage so we apologize in advance to our European readers.) The saviour of the night however, was comedian Rob Riggle who absolutely killed it as the host. Having MC Nas playing throughout the night was a nice touch as well.

With no LeBron or Russell Westbrook in the house (they were in Vegas partying and gambling preparing for the Olympics), we were keen to see who would put their best style foot forward. Let’s kick-start this thing!

San Francisco 49er Vernon Davis was our best-dressed man from the NFL Playoffs, and he continued to elevate his style game. The maroon blazer stood up, but this sweet polka-dot bow tie put it over the top.

Tim Tebow and Demaryius Thomas won the award for “Best Moment,” but it was Thomas who looked the part. He let Tebow accept the award but this suit did all the talking.

Ladies and gentlemen: the ESPY’s worst-dressed athlete goes to porn-star loving New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski!

Most of the female athletes played it safe and nothing stood out except maybe Lindsey Vonn’s terrible green number. We would have liked to see Danica Patrick step it up a notch since this number is boring, and those shoes have to go.


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