Le Tour de France: Cycling on the Brink

Let’s bring the cycling hat back please.

My older brother went through a serious cycling phase for a few years when he was a teenager. American rider Greg LeMond (above) was a god, and Le Tour de France was one of the major sporting events on the calendar. This meant that I, four years his junior, turned into a “wanna-be” cycling fan as well.

LeMond is a legend for good reason. His win in 1986 was the first for an American, and boosted the popularity of the sport on this side of the Atlantic. The next year, in a ridiculous turn of events straight out of  “Wedding Crashers”,  LeMond was shot accidentally by his brother-in-law and took two years to recover before returning to win the Tour again in 1989 and 1990. Good stuff, indeed.

Fast forward more than 20 years, and  Le Tour de France is back for its 99th edition but with Euro 2012 and Wimbledon grabbing the headlines, the event has mostly slipped under the radar.  My interest in cycling is long gone and I can barely muster up enough enthusiasm to write about the sport here.  The endless scandals have sucked all life out of the event for the casual fan, and the black cloud hovering over cycling has made it the “Pig Pen” of sports. These days, the only time cycling makes headlines is when a rider is busted yet again for doping. Sad, sad times.

Here’s hoping Bradley Wiggins can hold on for two more weeks to become the first Briton to win the Tour. After Andy’s tear-jerking loss to R-Fed, fans in the UK could use a small consolation prize.

Any one, but the polka dots, PLEASE!!

Editor’s Style Note: To coincide with the chase for the yellow jersey, looks like many of the world’s top designers used it for inspiration in their spring 2013 collections. Burberry Prorsum had this yellow trenchcoat (nice), but they lost us with the sock/sandal combination. Canali brought out the yellow as well, but raised the bar with this awesome jacket and high-top combination. And our top pick goes to Salvatore Ferragamo. This stellar yellow look has it all. Surely this is how Rickie Fowler must dress off the course.



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