Elements of Style at Wimbledon 2012

Did you watch the men’s singles Wimbledon final on Sunday? We were cheering for R-Fed to get one more over here but we still felt bad for poor Andy Murray, especially at the end when he was trying to give a speech but kept choking up. It must really suck to come so close and to lose to someone who already has so many titles.

The game was riveting but equally fascinating was what was happening off-court. Specifically, it’s the crowd shots I love during a tennis final. And ESPN did not disappoint. Andy Murray’s pretty gf got a lot of airtime (is it me or are they one of those look-alike couples?), as did Roger’s Mirka, and the Federer twins (a.k.a. Roger’s mini-me x 2) even made an appearance!

Kate and Pippa were also in the crowd. Luckily Pips didn’t have the gun with her this time.

And in the style department, the best dressed award is a tie. First up, R-Fed post-game when he donned the Nike sweater over his sweaty shirt. I can’t imagine it was fun to put that thing on after playing for so many hours but I’m sure it’s all part of the deal, and it did look good.

And Kim Sears, Andy Murray’s girlfriend also gets a style nod for her Roland Mouret dress and Mulberrry bag. Come to think of it, Sears wins this one. I wouldn’t want to be around Andy for at least a few days.

Photos: Getty Images.


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