Euro 2012: La Roja Rule

Big things come in small packages.

During a friendly tennis match last week, I was chatting with my Spanish friend about Euro 2012 and commented on how impressive Spain looked heading into the knockout stage. With their best players Xavi and David Silva leading the way, they would be tough to beat, I said.

“No, no, no, Iniesta, you need to watch Iniesta,” he replied. “The whole team revolves around him; He is the best player.”

Who was I to question a lifetime La Roja fan?

Sure enough, Andres Iniesta was named Best Player of the Tournament by UEFA and the Spanish dominated the Italians for the Euro victory.

Another Euro has come and gone and the tournament left us with some memorable plays, goals and hairstyles including baby-daddy Mario Balotelli putting his mark on the tournament with his blonde mo-hawk and two goal performance to upset the favoured Germans.

The world’s most intimidating man.

And let us not forget poor, poor Cristiano. He finally flexed his muscles on the international stage and how close he came to leading Portugal to the promised land. A Portugal Euro title would have put him into the pantheon of greatest performances ever. Why did he choose to go fifth in the penalties? Did he want the spotlight all to himself? Karma, Cristiano, karma. Instead, we will always remember Ronaldo at Euro 2012 with his head in his hands. Oh, what might have been.

Ronaldo can’t bear to look.


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