Shackle Sneakers: Fashion Faux Pas

Last week’s big news in the sneaker-sportswear world was the launch of Jeremy Scott’s Adidas shackle shoes. In case you missed it, Adidas unveiled, and then quickly pulled, the JS Roundhouse Mid sneaker after the world reacted with outrage stating that the shoes, complete with orange plastic chains and ankle straps, referenced prison chains and slavery shackles.

Besides being ugly, I agree, these sneakers are in bad, bad taste but it’s Jeremy Scott and if you know the designer’s work, are you really that surprised? The enfant terrible of American fashion (Alexander McQueen also held that title but on a worldwide scale) is all about shock value, which often makes for ugly clothes and accessories. His loyal clients include Kanye West, Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry so you see the connection. Here are a few of his past designs with Adidas. I actually kind of love the flames sneakers.


Slate did an interesting round-up of statements designers should avoid. I would also like to add harnesses and chokers that remind me of what the slaves in Spartacus wore to that list.

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