Euro Gigolo

Thirty-two years after American Gigolo made Giorgio Armani a household name, the man continues to deliver the goods. The legendary designer showed his spring 2013 collection yesterday, and fittingly, it’s called…Sportsmanship. And right in time for the Euro semis. Coincidence or conspiracy?

The deep-pleated linen pants, white vests and denim blazers were throwbacks to the 80s and Armani showed subtle athleticism through form-fitting sweaters and a fencing-inspired jackets in python and alligator. (We can totally see Cristiano Ronaldo and his hair in the white python jacket.)

It’s probably only a matter of time before Hollywood remakes American Gigolo, with Channing Tatum as the lead, no doubt, and hopefully, with a repeat performance by Armani.

Watch the entire spring 2013 men’s wear show here. We recommend checking it out just for the tunes.

Photos: Gere by AP, Armani runway from

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