Six Degrees of Kate Upton, Today’s Pin-Up Girl

While working on today’s post,  I was all over the map going from one idea to another and then back again Kevin Bacon-style. There were so many things I wanted to write about that were connected in some way but if I couldn’t make sense of it, how would you, dear reader? So, I decided to come up with a six (10?) degrees of separation Top 10 list to guide you through some of the things I wanted to mention and hopefully, at the end, it will all make sense.

1. This past weekend, CH and I were up in Edmonton for The Underwear Affair, a run/walk fundraiser in support of cancers below the waist.

2. While in town, we stopped by Junque Cellar on E-town’s famed Whyte Ave. where I picked up the 1971 October issue of Esquire with the George Petty pin-up girl cover. Here’s the story behind the cover. (FYI, I collect vintage Esquires from the George Lois era.)

3. Not much has changed in the men’s magazine world since 1971. Yesterday’s big news was the upcoming July GQ cover with today’s pin-up girl, model Kate Upton (you’re welcome, boys).

4. You may remember Upton and her breasts from her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover earlier this year.

5. Upton likes to hang out with NBA players.

6. James Harden and Kevin Durant didn’t look so good last night but they stole the show in this video ad with Upton.

7. Upton also likes to hang out with NFL players.

8. Please read New York magazine’s take on the cover. You won’t regret it.

9. Terry Richardson, the alleged perv, shot the cover.

10. I’m tired of Richardson’s oral fixation covers. Really tired and really bored.

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