NFL: National Fashion League?


CH will be back with all the Oklahoma City Thunder coverage tomorrow but in the meantime, a little NFL news. Oh what a web Harvey Weinstein weaves. It was announced yesterday that New York-based label Marchesa will collaborate with the NFL on a limited-edition shirt that will launch just before the season kicks off in September. Georgina Chapman, one half of Marchesa (Keren Craig is the other) is Harvey Weinstein’s wife.

According to the Daily Mail, “Suzanne Johnson, the wife of New York Jets owner Woody Johnson, is said to have called on Mr Weinstein and asked him to convince his wife to take on the project.”

No details were released about the shirt but if Chapman and Craig have it their way, I am sure there will be lots of cheap-looking sequins and feathers galore. And if their past creations are an indication, it will probably be a one-shoulder shirt. Sometimes, when I look at Marchesa runway shots, I don’t think it’s that bad but then, it never translates successfully into a red-carpet look for me. The Marchesa dressed women are without fail, always on my worst dressed lists (Stacy Keibler and Sandra Bullock at this year’s Oscars come to mind).

But in fairness to Marchesa, and because I am scared of Harvey Weinstein, I Googled “red carpet Marchesa images”  to find at least one red-carpet look that I loved. And I failed. The only shot I sort of liked was of actor Hailee Steinfeld. And she’s 14 so she looks adorable in anything.

Photos: Runway Marchesa,, NFL, Getty Images, Hailee Steinfeld, Just Jared.


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