NBA Finals: A Fashion Showdown

Kevin Durant: “We’re saving our best style for the finals.”

The NBA finals kick off tonight with five of the brightest stars taking to the court: LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden. The Association must be thrilled with the match-up: the young, likable Oklahoma City Thunder (and GoS crush) versus the love-to-hate Miami Heat (they really are the Yankees of the NBA). The Thunder continue to make me look good as they were my pick to win an NBA title at the start of the playoffs.

LeBron James: “What this old thing?”

But what will take these finals to the next level are the post-game press conferences! We can’t wait to see what LeBron, D-Wade and the new big three of OKC have in store for us. We say bring on the stellar spectacles, sleek summer suits, crazy button-up shirts and plaid bow ties. If we have it our way, in two weeks. you’ll see the first of many titles for the young Thunder, as well as another summer of talk about how LeBron can’t win the big one. (We love you too Cleveland.)

Thunder in 6.

Photo montage courtesy VH1.


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