High-Top Remix

Our dear friends over at The Toque Girls recently wrote about the popular search terms that bring readers to their site. Unfortunately, we don’t have a list that’s quite as comical, and well, pervy as them (“naked sweaty girls” and “spread-eagle” come up on their list) but one of the most popular searches for us is anything to do with wedge high tops.

Since I wrote about them back in December, the popular Isabel Marant high top has grown on me even more but I still stand by my argument that a hidden wedge in a sneaker is just silly.

And on that note, so is taking the style to extremes like the above Velcro wedge high top by Ash. First, I saw them at Holt Renfrew on Friday. Then, yesterday, the same shoe popped up at Winners (FYI for anyone who really wants a pair but, please don’t).

A quick look on the website and it looks like Ash has moved on from the Velcro to a more Marant-inspired style (the suede booties look exactly like Marant’s as well, just saying) but as I learned this weekend, you can get the bad Velcro editions at a few different shopping destinations (again, please don’t).

And while we’re on the topic of sneaker don’ts, there’s something so wrong with these pointy-toed Keds although, they looked much worse and pointier in person. Next time, maybe they will have grown on me too.


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