If This Shoe Fits, Don’t Wear It

Eldrick’s shocking Sunday outfit: a red shirt and MC Hammer pants.

MG and I are the founding members of the A.T.C. (Anti-Tiger Club) but we’re also man (and woman) enough to give credit where credit is due. The Eldrick Woods we knew pre-scandal made a comeback to take his fifth Memorial Tournament in stunning fashion on Sunday. Nike executives must have been thrilled with their biggest star’s victory, as it times out nicely with the June 8th public release of the TW ’13 Golf Shoe.

On top of that, Eldrick’s game looks to be in good form as the U.S. Open approaches at the historic Olympic Club in San Francisco. Woods has been wearing this shoe for over a year now and while we don’t doubt it’s comfortable, it’s also just ugly.

Designed by Nike’s Tobie Hatfield, the shoe was “inspired” by the Nike Free shoe meaning he basically took a running shoe and added spikes. Functional? Sure. Stylish? Not so much. Obviously style would be asking too much from something associated with Tiger. I wouldn’t wear these shoes jogging let alone bring them out on the course.


FYI from MG: The course is CH’s runway.


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