Silver Lining

Tim Duncan trying to keep Tony Parker focused on the game and not the girls waving at him.

What’s silver, black and on top of its game? That would be the uniforms of the two teams trouncing the competition in both the NBA and NHL playoffs. The colour combo is on a lucky roll these days so bring out your silver and black for the win.

In the NBA, nobody can touch the juggernaut San Antonio Spurs, even our beloved OKC Thunder. The team currently rides a 20-game winning streak—that’s not a typo: 20 games people!—as their conference final moves to Oklahoma City tonight. I think we can agree on three things here:
1. Never doubt Gregg Popovich and the Spurs.
2. The best point guard in the world is French.
3. Tony Parker will win the Finals MVP but don’t let let him guard your wife/girlfriend.

Editor’s note: I have not entirely given up hope for an OKC comeback quite yet. MG is on board with OKC as well because of her hate-on for (alleged) cheater Tony Parker.

Over in the NHL, the Los Angeles Kings have to be the best No. 8 seed in the history of hockey. They continue to steamroll the competition and with a tidy 10-2 record thus far, only the New Jersey Devils stand in their Stanley Cup way. You know the NHL brain-trust was praying for an LA-NY final, but instead, they got LA-Newark. The Kings have knocked off the No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 seeds in the West while barely breaking a sweat even after a year of turmoil which included the team struggling just to make it into the playoffs, Dustin Brown trade rumours and  Dustin Penner being knocked out by pancakes,

Let the coronation of the Kings begin.

Maybe this is the year the Oakland Raiders finally break through. Now that’s funny!



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