Supermodel Skate Style

While CH and I we were in New York last month, we checked out the Mercer Street denim shop 3×1. As we chatted with owner James May, I asked him about the four skateboard decks, complete with beautiful topless women with strategically placed puppies and hands, that were hanging on one of the walls. It was a limited edition collaboration with photographer Ben Watts (brother to Naomi for those of you who aren’t familiar with the Aussie shooter) May told us.

The models/actresses immortalized on the decks included Behati Prinsloo, Elsa Hosk, Jessica Hart and Lake Bell and proceeds from the sales of each woman’s deck went to her charity of choice.
Side note #1: We were so upset to hear Bell’s HBO show “How to Make It in America” was cancelled. It was good.
Side note #2: As per the website, model Chanel Iman also posed for a deck but hers was not one of the ones hanging in the shop.

Maybe that’s because she’s the only one wearing a shirt in her photo! Yes of course sex sells, blah, blah blah, and both CH and I appreciate great breasts and I’m sure most skateboarders are horny dudes but a pretty girl in jean cutoffs and nothing else on roller skates is well, a cliché. The puppy against the breasts is the worst of them all mostly because the puppy doesn’t even look like he’s/she’s enjoying the experience.

I’ve probably sacrificed many page views by not including an image of said breasts in this post (click away on the link for the boob shots) but instead, I’ve posted Kate Moss-adorned skateboard decks so maybe it will all even out in the end. The story behind the Kate decks comes courtesy of one of our favourite websites, Hypebeast. The site recently did a post on an art project titled “Skate Moss.” Jeff Gaudinet, the artist behind the project is encouraging the public to pick a famous image of Moss and apply it to a skate deck template he’s created on his site. I realize there’s a shot of an almost naked Moss (she is wearing a veil) on one of the decks below, but when it’s Kate, it’s art.


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