Olympic Gold (a.k.a. A Stylist’s Touch)

As any editor responsible for a magazine fashion shoot will tell you, great stylists and experienced, or at least good models, make all the difference. Case in point: this sexy and stylish Canadian Olympic Collection shoot from the B-Insider, The Hudson’s Bay Company’s online magazine.

When we first saw the collection a few months ago, we reluctantly picked a few favourites even though nothing jumped out at us except for the pieces we knew we hated (the patched denim jacket was on the top of that list). But what a difference a little styling makes. The B-Insider’s fashion editor Kate Corbett went for subtle patriotism, pairing the pieces from the collection with a variety of simple but stylish items. The result: a reigned-in cool Canadiana that could easily be sported long after the Games.

My favourite look is the the knit jacket over a simple white tank or tee and a black leather skirt, and although I still probably wouldn’t rock the denim jacket, models Sylvia and Kris both pull it off with aplomb and it’s now officially off my hate list.



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