The King of Clay

After an off year, Rafa looks to be back in control heading into Roland Garros this week. Nadal out-sneered World No. 1 Novak Djokovic to take back his Italian Open title and gain even more momentum heading into the French Open. After being dominated by Djokovic in 2011, Rafa has taken down Djoko in their last two matches. Nadal has to be the favourite to walk away from Paris with a record-breaking seventh French Open title (besting legend Bjorn Borg’s six titles).

Editor’s Note #1: GoS ‘s own MG met Borg when she was just a young girl at an airport in Europe. Not yet the sports fan she is today, she had no idea who he was but her parents sure did and they convinced her to go ask him for an autograph. “He won’t refuse a little girl,” they told her. All she remembers is a pretty brunette on his arm and him being nice enough to indulge her pretend sports interest. Sadly, the autograph is nowhere to be found these days.

Now, back to style. Normally, I am more in favour of Roger Federer’s Nike outfits than Rafa’s, but I have to say I am into this peach look above. It looks great against the clay court and reminds me of one of my favourite sports looks ever.

I can’t say the same for Djoko and his latest look from Sergio Tacchini. This company should be killing it right now with the exposure they’ve been getting from Djokovic’s rise, but it’s just the same every tournament (yawn). For a sneak peek at Rafa’s French Open outfit go here  and for Novak’s, here.

Editor’s Note #2: I want to give a shout out to GoS faves Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. They closed out the Lakers with highlight reel shots like this and continue to make us proud with their awesome post-game attire.



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