Lob City: The New Showtime

My good friend Rodney is as big of a basketball fan as you can get. He played college ball and knows his way around a court. Six months ago, when I stopped by his place and asked what he was doing, with a straight face, he looked at me and said: “I’m buying a Clippers jersey online.”

You don’t need to be a basketball fan to know the Clippers have been a sports punchline for the last 30 years. It looked like their luck might finally turn when they won the draft lottery in 2009 and selected Blake Griffin. But in typical Clipper fashion, Griffin blew out his knee before he even played a game and his first season was lost. The Clips were destined to always be the Lakers’ pathetic sibling. The Lakers had Jack; the Clippers had Billy Crystal. Enough said.

But December 14, 2011 will eventually go down as the day when things finally turned for this beaten down franchise. This was the day they acquired Chris Paul, the best pure point guard in basketball.

It was none other than Blake Griffin himself who coined the term “Lob City” when he found out the news.

Led by Chris Paul, the Clippers have gone from league joke to must-see TV and now, to legit contenders. After the Game 7 victory over the weekend, they’re into the second round, along with their evil rivals, the Lakers. What is even more improbable is they are stealing “Showtime” basketball from their rivals. They’re everything the Lakers used to be in the glory years of Magic Johnson and are giving fans highlights every time they step on the floor.

My designer Lob City T-shirt is on order from Skreened as we speak but I also like this one from American Apparel in baby blue.

Long live Lob City.


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