Fancy Pants

We’ve discussed sexy side-striped track-inspired pants here before, but Rag & Bone’s white-and-black Split Skinnies take the trend to a whole new level. After discovering them at the Rag & Bone shop in New York last week, I almost tried them on but decided they cost too much for white jeans to even bother, returned home where I can’t seem to find them anywhere, and of course haven’t been able to stop thinking about them since.

The problem for me with white jeans, or in this case, almost white jeans, is that I’ll end up wearing them to a summer barbecue and without fail, spill ketchup, strawberries or red wine on them.  Stain remover and bleach won’t work and I’ll become so obsessed with the stain that it will be impossible to enjoy wearing them ever again. (I have white-jean issues apparently.) And yet, I keep thinking about how cute they’d look at at least one summer barbecue.

Rag & Bone also has a tuxedo version jean with a slimmer stripe in a variety of colour combos. CH loves the blue and orange best—for obvious reasons.


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    You know me so well – CH

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