Orange Crush

Before every round, it’s “#gotime” for Rickie Fowler on Twitter. This past weekend, he finally lived up to his own hype, winning his first PGA event at the Wells Fargo Championship. Teenage boys and girls around America rejoice! “Bieber Fowler” won in style with a clutch birdie in sudden death playoff over none other than Rory McIlroy and some guy named D.A.Points (we kid, D.A.).

The talent has always been there, but Fowler desperately needed a win in his home country. He’s been called, “the next great American player” for a few years now, and this win will be huge for his confidence moving forward.

He brought his usual Puma Sunday orange to the course but this time, paired it with white shoes, hat and belt. I like this look; the head-to-toe orange, accessories included, is just too much.

But style-wise, there are two minor adjustments we’d like to see moving forward:

1. Rickie, this facial hair has to go. Trust me, you might think it looks good, but it doesn’t.
2. Note to all golf tournaments: Stop giving out these cheesy jackets to the winners. Only the Masters gets a free pass.

In the immortal words of Trent from my favourite movie Swingers, you could say Fowler is all growns up. Speaking of Swingers, yes, it’s true, Vince Vaughn really was skinny once.



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