Forever an All-Star

MG and I are living it up in NYC right now and we made our requisite stop at the Converse store yesterday. Located in the heart of SoHo on Broadway, the shop opened up 18 months ago and as is the case with most shops on Broadway, it’s a tourist magnet. The floor-to-ceiling Converse wall in the colours of the American flag (see above) is worth the trip to Manhattan alone.

And if you’re there, or here, or you get it, why not pick up a new pair of sneaks? If you don’t find the perfect fit head straight to the customization area at the back of the store, where you can add your own artistic touch, pattern or coloured laces to your new kicks. (Converse is not paying us for this post, we swear.)

And if you’re looking to change it up from traditional Converse, check out the John Varvatos Collection. The award-winning designer reworks the classic sneaks to make them look perfectly beat-up or, there’s also a number of limited-edition collections available now including the Chuck Taylor Gorillaz Collection and Missoni for Converse.


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