Hockey Hate-On

Traditionally, Canadians have always hopped on board the bandwagon of whatever Canadian team(s) was/were last standing in the NHL playoffs. My, how the times have changed. Cheering for the Canucks to get knocked out became one of Canada’s favourite spring pastimes in the last couple of weeks and I definitely took part.

So to break it down, here are my Top 10 reasons for hating the Canucks:

1. Vancouver so desperately wants to be the L.A. of Canada that it drives the rest of us crazy. For starters, Vancouver’s insistence on adding their city name on their revolving door of jerseys smacks of wanting to be noticed. You’re not New York or L.A. and never will be!

2. The most arrogant GM and head coach combination in hockey.

3. Flopping, diving, whining players.

4. CBC’s Jim Hughson’s man-crush on the Canucks. The guy should be impartial.

5. Having to listen to Jim Hughson repeatedly say: “Henrik to Daniel, to Henrik, to Daniel.”

6. Roberto Luongo’s greasy hair.

7. The leagues most pretentious fans who think these idiots are actually funny.

8. Ryan Kesler and everything about him.

9. Most teams have one dirty and cheap player who drives you crazy. Half of the Canucks fit this description: Alexandre Burrows, Kevin Bieksa and Maxim Lapierre, to name a few.

10. Vancouver’s national anthem singer ripping off his act from Edmonton Oilers legend Paul Lorieau.



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