Blast from the Past

Yesterday the Pittsburgh Steelers posted a photo of their throwback jersey on Instagram. We liked what we saw.

MG and I are fans of everything vintage and throwback jerseys are as close as you can get in sports. I was so happy I almost cried when my beloved Edmonton Oilers went back to their look from the 80s.

A few weeks ago, when the Los Angeles Kings were in Calgary for a game, I saw a fan in one of the better throwbacks of all-time walk right past me (below right). The Kings should bring this back right now! The team could tie into Lakers purple and gold, fans would love it, and the cross-promotion opportunities would be endless. Of course it’s too good of an idea and makes too much sense, which is probably why the Kings won’t do it.

In the NBA, the Atlanta Hawks need to seriously consider going vintage.


And in baseball, the San Diego Padres need to go back to these throwback colours and never look back.

Now, if your favourite team goes wayyy back (we’re talking early to mid 20th century people), check out Ebbets Field Flannels. The company has one of the best collections of vintage-inspired athletic clothing.



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