Fear the Beard

I remember watching NHL playoffs when I was kid and thinking it was only a matter of time before I would rock my very own playoff beard. After all, my dad had a fantastic thick 80’s moustache. I waited and waited and waited. Sadly for MG, who loves beards, growing anything that resembles a beard continues to be a struggle (think patches of random hairs and a moustache that will never connect to the facial hair on my chin). If I were to compare my beard to that of an NHL player, I would be more Sid the Kid than Shea Weber.

Sadly, my team is not pursuing Lord Stanley or else I would definitely be letting the patches grow in. But for those of you looking to grow your own playoff beard, here are some ground rules:

First off, check out Dressed for Dinner, a cool blog by Toronto Life editor Kevin Naulls where he interviews fashionable bearded men and posts other awesome style-related stuff. Then, head over to GQ for The Modern Man’s Guide to Beards. And finally, if you’re committed to this beard long term, Mr. Natty Presents Frank’s Beard Elixir will help you keep things under control so you’ll look more like Henrik Zetterburg than Joaquin Phoenix. And if you want to try something new, the Seneca Crane  look is all the rage with The Hunger Games kids these days.


Good luck with yours, but I’ll have to stick with my half-decent two-day stubble, which takes me about seven days to grow.



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