Top Form: Game of Style Editors’ Workout Routines Revealed

Earlier this week posted a slideshow titled “Top Form: Vogue Editors’ Workout Routines Revealed” where they asked 10 editors what they do for exercise, what they wear while doing it, and how they reward themselves afterward. If only we could all stay in shape by playing polo or tennis at our local club and how fabulous would it be to sip cucumber or coconut water while we jump on our very own trampoline before heading to Bubby’s in Tribeca for lunch.

To be fair, there were some “normal people activities” and I especially like that associate editor Molly Creeden, who I have met before and she is lovely, throws on leggings and a pair of TOMS post-workout to run errands. What if Anna sees her in TOMS? Plus, she uses Bliss face wash and Bliss was founded by Marcia Kilgore, a former Saskatchewian.

But the best round-up was that of senior accessories editor Rickie De Sole who said she carries her workout wear in a Marc Jacobs tote. The accompanying photo was that of the $3,895 Marc Jacobs multi python Khaki in blue combo. Can you imagine putting your sweaty clothes in that beautiful bag?

I have put together my own collage so you can see how this Game of Style editor stays in shape. Stay tuned tomorrow for CH’s secrets.

How do you stay is shape?
I try to go to yoga as much as possible but that usually means two to three times a week max because I sacrifice exercise for work. (I know, woe is me.)

What do you wear?
My $9.99 Old Navy leggings (those are the actual ones up top) are my favourite (for real) because they have a high waist so I can tuck everything in nicely. I pair them with a sports bra/top and throw on an old T-shirt for the trip to and from the studio. And if I ever have to carry anything, it’s usually in a grocery tote like this although, the one above is $9.98 and the one I use was free from a media event.

What do you do to replenish?
I drink plain old tap water from an old water bottle and sometimes CH treats me to dinner at Co Do. And no, I can’t do what Christy Turlington is doing in the photo above on the right but yes, I can do what Kate Moss is doing on the left, at least I think that’s Kate Moss.

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