The Game with the Dragon Tattoo

More and more baseball players are inking up these days including Canadian Blue Jays star Brett Lawrie and Ryan Roberts who, reportedly lost count after his 30th tattoo.

NBA stars Denis Rodman and Allen Iverson brought tattoos into the NBA culture in the 90s, but baseball has been much slower to catch the wave. So what makes baseball different and why are we so bothered by this new trend? Baseball is more about tradition. From the old-school uniforms to the iconic logos and famous stadiums, there has always been something pure about the game. When we think of baseball, we think of the smell of fresh-cut grass and the crack of the bat.

If Babe Ruth were brought into today’s game, would he saunter to the plate covered in tattoos? Okay, bad example, the Babe liked to paaarty! Call us naïve, but we would like to think players like Ted Williams and Willie Mays would take a pass on inking up.

Tattoos have never been my thing and I remain ink free to this day. Maybe we are waxing sentimental, but at the end of the day we don’t want our baseball players to look like WWE stars. We’ll get used to it, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it.


Photos: Yogi Berra, Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle by Mark Zucker, Transcendental Graphics, Getty Images; Brett Lawrie by Jonathan Ferrey, Getty Images North Americas; Ryan Roberts by Rob Tringali, Getty Images North America


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