I Like Your Boyfriend Style

CH has a great striped sweater that he never wears so I decided to try it on the other day when he was out of town and the baggy look totally worked. Or, at least I thought so. He wasn’t super pleased when I told him about wearing his sweater probably because he thinks we dress too much alike already. I will leave that subject for another post but let’s just say I am not allowed to wear my green military jacket if he’s wearing his, and whoever puts theirs on first, wins. Women out there, do your men get annoyed when you have matching outfits? And do they let you wear their clothes? Let us know and I can use your answers to plead my case.

Until then, here are a few of my favourite looks from our friends over at Lifetime Collective. CH should totally get that sweater and jacket so I can wear them when he’s not around.





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2 responses to “I Like Your Boyfriend Style

  1. Erynn

    Lol. Married friends of mine showed up to brunch both wearing their military green jackets, and it was weird. But they had come to NY separately and it was the only jackets they’d brought. You almost have to plan NOT to match!

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