Stella’s Games

Let the games begin! Stella McCartney finally revealed her Adidas designs for the 2012 Olympics showcasing what the Great Britain team will wear, and fans were not pleased. The main criticism was the blue Union flag with the big question being: “Where’s the red?”  Read more of the reaction here.

I say give the girl a break. Everything doesn’t have to be so literal and because you are hosting the Games, I highly doubt that one of your athletes will be mistaken for a non-Brit. Plus, less is more so go with the subtle red instead of an in-your-face flag. I say, well done Stella. My favourite part of the collection is the “presentation suit,” the outfit the athletes will wear on the podium. Stella’s version includes a jacket, tied with a karate-inspired belt (hello hint of peplum!) paired with navy track pants, complete with a red stripe zipper on the side (not pictured).

On a side note, when I saw the group photo of Stella and the athletes, all I could think about were the training suits the tributes wore in The Hunger Games movie. Yes, I saw it over the weekend and I am not supposed to tell you, but CH came with me.



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