Hook and Loop

I used to have a pair of black Nike high tops that I’d wear to play basketball in high school. I remember going to the local mall in our hometown with my mom in Gr. 9 to pick out my new kicks after I made the freshman girls basketball team.

Black with a white swoosh, they had a thick Velcro strap up top that I’d pull tight after I had laced up. In Gr. 9, I loved the Velcro strap. By Gr. 10, I hated the Velcro strap. But because they were perfectly good high tops, I continued to wear them throughout my Gr. 10 basketball season. I didn’t make the team in Gr. 11 (a wound I don’t want to open up again) so there was no need for new high tops. (FYI: Michael Jordan was also cut from high school bball).

True to my flip-flopping Velcro past, I can’t decide whether I love or hate these Alexander Wang heels. Wang likes his Velcro and often uses it in his shoes but usually, it’s a little more concealed than it is in this pair. I like the mesh-Velcro pairing but I also think the materials cheapen the look of the shoe and at $570, there’s nothing cheap about these Wangs. And while we’re on the topic of cheap-looking materials, in the future, I would like to see the designer stay clear of “Italian stretch fabric” as well.





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