Have Tebow, Will Travel

Well, that didn’t last long. With the Peyton Manning era set to begin in Denver, the Rocky Mountain high of Tebowing seems to have come to an abrupt end.

There hasn’t been an NFL player as polarizing as Tebow in recent memory. The last six months he’s went from a liability who can’t throw, to the hero leading his team to a division title and epic playoff victory, and now, nothing more than trade bait. The media storm that is Tim Tebow will now kick into high gear again, as Denver will no doubt look to trade him as soon as possible. Like it or not, Denver is simply not big enough for Manning and Tebow.

Now, the intrigue moves from one to the other. What sidelines will Tebow be praying on in September? A move back to Florida would seem to make the most sense as Miami has pressing needs at QB and Jacksonville is home for the ex-Gator.  (Memo to Tim: Follow Peyton’s lead and stay away from Miami and the AFC East as Tom Terrific isn’t going anywhere.) Miami might be the most desperate, but the best fit is in Jacksonville, as their fans would be saying “Blaine who?” if they could land their hometown hero.


MG: Tim Tebow doesn’t care where he goes, he’s too busy hanging around with Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton. More Tebow-Upton please (she’s wearing a Valentino dress here at the Vanity Fair Oscars party).

CH: More Upton please.

Photos: top photo by GettyImages; Tebow and Upton by Kevin Mazur/VF12/WireImage


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