Miami Vice?

One year ago, the thought of Peyton Manning not finishing his incredible career as an Indianapolis Colt seemed unfathomable. He was the Colts. Now, the four-time MVP and first ballot hall-of-famer has been released. What will Peyton look like in anything other than the Colts blue and white? It’s hard to imagine. (By the way, anyone looking for a #18 Colts jersey?)

Now, one of the greatest QB’s of all time will be playing elsewhere this fall. Early favourites include the Miami Dolphins, Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks and Washington Redskins. The New York Jets (don’t see it, this is Eli’s city), Kansas City Chiefs (too cold) and the Denver Broncos have also been mentioned (take it easy Tebow fans).

GoS feels Miami is the likeliest landing spot for the older Manning. So, could we be heading towards Manning vs. Brady twice a year in the AFC East? Yes please. Something tells us that the #18 turquoise and orange jerseys will be all the rage this summer. Hopefully the hype of his new team will lead to another SNL hosting gig so we can see more of this.

Move over LeBron, D-Wade, Crockett and Tubbs, a new star may be coming to town.


Photo: Peyton by Adam Schefter; Miami Vice by AP Photo/Universal

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One response to “Miami Vice?

  1. Sean Breslin

    I think there’s a very good chance he ends up in Miami. It’s where he lives, after all.

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