Back to Basics for the Blue Jays

Baseball spring training is in full swing and Canada’s team is back to work. And finally, when it comes to uniforms, the Toronto Blue Jays have seen the light and gone back to their roots with a jersey redesign that takes us back to the early days, all the way through the glory days of the team’s world championships in 1992 and 1993.
After years of pointless redesigns, it became clear, the answer was right there all along. The Jays moved further away from their original logo over the past few years, culminating in this weak jersey from last year. Can you see the Yankees or the Red Sox redesigning uniforms?

Clearly, we need to invoke a Game of Style rule here: If you win a world championship, do not redesign a uniform. Now, if we could just get this jersey below back into the game.

Photos: Group photo by J. Thompson, National Post; Ricky Romero by Jim McIsaac, Getty Images; Andre Dawson by Ronald C. Modra, Sports Imagery, Getty Images.


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