Buff, Beautiful and in a Bikini

Sportsnet magazine’s March 12th issue is the “Beauty in Sport” edition where the mag features “the hottest 30 athletes on the planet.” Obviously, we’re all for the beauty/sport connection here at Game of Style since beauty and fashion go hand-in-hand, but we found the choice of photos the magazine put up on its site, well, interesting. It’s more of what you would call “hot athletes in swimsuits,” than a portfolio to showcase beauty. I already know athletes have great bodies so I’d much rather see their beauty in a different way.

The magazine is not out yet so I am not sure if the photos inside will be the same ones as on the site but if so, it’s too bad. Obviously, it’s a logistical nightmare trying to round-up 30 athletes for a photo shoot if you’re not Vogue or Vanity Fair, but I would have loved to see a spread with at least some of the athletes, maybe even the six Canadians together, styled in an unexpected way. (I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’s a print-only surprise.)

Yes, (eye roll) we know sex sells but some of the predictable images include NASCAR racer Danica Patrick, not in a car but on it. In a bikini. Skier Lindsey Vonn on a mountain. In a bikini. And finally another skier, Julia Mancuso, not skiing but surfing. In a bikini. Snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler is also in a bikini. In a hot tub. And ironically, swimmer Natalie Couglin, the only one of two athletes that should be in a bikini (surfer and cover girl Alana Blanchard is the other one), is in a one-piece bathing suit. There’s plenty of male flesh to go around as well including shirtless wonders Adam Scott, Usain Bolt, Cristiano Ronaldo and Rafael Nadal.

If you want to see our favourite images (Lolo Jones, Sheldon Souray, Natasha Hastings, Jon Jones and Natasha Kai) scroll through the slideshow  on the magazine’s website, but for a peek at some of the more, let’s say, awkward photographs, see below.

High jumper Blanka Vlasic shows us where the sun shines.

We want the name of Tessa Bonhomme’s waxer.

“What? You never row wearing a wolf?” asks Canadian rower Cristy Nurse.

Photos: Vlasic by Matko Stankovic, Bonhomme and Nurse both by Matt Barnes.



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