Linsanity: A Star is Born

One of MG’s favourite movies is Rudy. Now, it seems there’s a real-life “Rudy” happening right before our eyes. Jeremy Lin has taken New York and the sporting world by storm and Linsanity went to a new level Tuesday night with the player’s late-game heroics.

So, how do you top having arguably the best first five games in the history of the NBA? You do something like this. Even the poor Raptors fans went crazy when he nailed this buzzer beater.

Jeremy Lin’s story is almost too good to be true. A Chinese-American basketball player who was pretty much ignored by most college programs (he had to go to Harvard to play basketball), passed over in the NBA draft, and recently cut from two NBA teams. Now, in less than two weeks, he has dragged the imploding Knicks to six straight wins, out-dueled Kobe in an MSG showdown, won Eastern Conference player of the week, graced the cover of Sports Illustrated, and produced the most prolific start to an NBA career (deep breath).

It takes something special to steal the thunder away from both New York Fashion week and the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants, but what Jeremy Lin has done in a few short days is simply ridiculous.  We see a Vanity Fair cover shoot coming soon.




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2 responses to “Linsanity: A Star is Born

  1. Sean Breslin

    Seems like Lin has done quite a bit more on the basketball court than Rudy, though. Dan Patrick compared his story to that of Kurt Warner, and I think that was a great parallel.

    Great post!

    • Hey Sean, Thanks for the comment. Agreed, I have never thought of Kurt Warner until you mentioned it, but that is probably the best comparable. Both came from relative obscurity to putting up ridiculous numbers. A fantastic story. CH

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